Velcro dog

Velcro dog
A dog that always sticks close to its owner, especially by following the person from room to room.
Example Citations:
In the greyhound world, they call this "chipping," because greyhounds are like potato chips: you can't have just one, Norton said. Oftentimes referred to as "Velcro dogs," greyhounds make great companions, she said.
—Katy Fitzpatrick, " Quincy greyhound adopter wants to give dogs a few good homes:," The Patriot Ledger , April 20, 2010
Since that day, dog and mistress have become inseparable. Gwinner refers to him as her "Velcro dog."
—Veronika LaRocque, " Animal Planet to feature 'Shaggy' dog adoption in Southampton:," The Republican, August 2, 2010
Earliest Citation:
"These are my Velcro dogs, they're glued to my thigh," said Rita Helle, accompanied by a 4-month-old abandoned on a road east of Pueblo, and a 2-year-old out of the Burmar Kennel.
—Natalie Meisler, "Two groups race to save greyhounds," Denver Post, August 16, 1992
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Owners of a few breeds use this term differently. I have heard Irish Water Spaniel people refer to their dogs as velcro dogs because everything sticks to the long curly coat. Belgian Shepherds are known to be velcro dogs -- not necessarily a good thing as they can bark too much when you go out of sight.Yes Dover or Buds as I now call him is
My Velcro dog. I have to be careful not
To trip over him. He is even under foot when
I am vacuuming the house!!! Guess the noise
Does not bother him because he is a bit
Deaf at age 14.

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